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What to expect on a sunday

Child Safety

The safety of our children is very important. For this reason we have a secure children's area with a secure check-in and out process.

Our children's classes are fun and age appropriate for each child.


Children are also welcome to participate in our worship service. In fact, we want them to. We provide activity bags each week during our service.  Find us at our Welcome Center for more information.

Our Services


We are a gospel-centered church and want everthing we do to point others to Jesus. We sing both traditional hymns and modern songs of worship. Our worship service will include a time of offering, time for prayer, and a biblical message from our pastor.

Our services are casual, our dress is casual, and our desire is for our worship to be sincere. Check out one of our previous live feeds on Facebook to get a better feel for what to expect.


We believe that the Bible is the inerrant word of God. God's word is fully sufficient for every problem we may face in life. Because we believe the bible is authoritative we use it as our sole source of authority during the preaching time. Messages at Cornerstone will be packed with scripture in order that you may walk away knowing God more through knowing and hearing His Word.

Service Times & Location


9:00am Bible Study

10:00am Worship


5:15pm Dinner

6:00pm Adult Bible Study

              Student Ministry

              Childrens Christ Connection


1600 S. Pine Street, Kountze. TX 77625

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